What Happens When You Drink Warm Cup Of Water on an Empty Stomach?

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Surely youve heard that many people drink a cup of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach.Morning Habit - Warm Cup Of Water on an Empty Stomach

Some do it to lose weight, others because they only heard it is useful. The truth is that the hot water is really useful and these are the exact reasons:

Cleansing of the body of toxins

Strengthen the immune system

Effective change of the coffee provides energy for the whole day

Antibiotic Action treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity

Acts helpful in coughs and colds

The combination of hot water, cinnamon and honey will provide fresh breath

Honey soothing effect on the nervous system

A cup of hot water combined with lemon juice will provide you with a good metabolism and flat tummy

Filter out toxins and harmful substances in the body

Untreated abdominal pain

With regular use the skin rejuvenates

Heals chronic constipation

Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and protects against cardiovascular disease.

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