Try This Homemade Remedy Which Regulates The Function Of The Thyroid Gland

All you need for this homemade remedy is fresh juniper berries and honey.

Did you know that juniper berries are great regulators of the work of the thyroid gland?1

Below, we will present you a recipe for this natural remedy:

Wash and grind 300 g. fresh juniper berries in a meat grinder, add 1 kg of high quality honey and stir well. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator.

You have to take 1 spoon of this remedy three times daily.

Women are more prone to issues with thyroid gland than men. This gland is located below the larynx and produces hormones that, between other, regulate your body temperature, heart rate and metabolism. If the thyroid works too little or too much, it can bring serious issues to your health.

What can cause poor function of the thyroid gland?

The culprits in case of reduced thyroid function can be – genetics, autoimmune attack, pregnancy, stress, lack of nutrients, toxins in the environment and so on.