-Spinach is an annual leafy vegetable. While the leaves are fresh it can be eaten raw or in salad.Spinach Greens

– Very often it can be frozen, with whole leaves or crushed to pieces. Contains 4.1 mg of iron although previously thought to contain much more. Raw spinach has potassium and magnesium, and a greater amount of vitamins A and C.

– It is most delicious in spring because then the leaves are young, but can be found almost during all winter.

– When buying spinach pay attention to the leaves if they are solid and clear green. Loops can be completely white or reddish. If you buy 2 kg of spinach, you get 70 dkg of boiled spinach.

– Once cooked spinach should not be encouraged because while standing air is changing content and create harmful nitrites.

– When cleaning cut roots from the beginning of the loop and carefully wash them under running cold water each leaf separately.