Mermaid Tail Braid

We havent done a hair tutorial in ages! So, my friend (and hair genius) Caroline, photographer Jamie Beck and I decided to come together to whip up this gorgeous mermaid tail. Its perfect for those lazy summer day (or date nights) when you want to surprise and awe people with your hair. I absolutely love itin fact, it might be my favorite hair tutorial yet. How gorgeous is that braid, above?!

Here are Carolines steps, if youd like to try it out…
1. Divide your hair into two equal sections.

2-4. Braid each section, and tie the end with an elastic band. Youll want to do whats called a Dutch braid. For a normal braid, you take the outside section and cross it IN FRONT of the middle section. A Dutch braid is the opposite: the outside section goes BEHIND the middle section. Its important to do the braids this way so that theyll look seamless when when you connect the two sections later.

5-6. Fatten out the two braids by pulling apart the outer edges. I like to smush the braid back and forth in my fingers, toowhatever makes them fuller and fatter and not so sleek.

7. Line up the two separate braids so they begin to look like one big fat braid. Its important to make sure the middle section of the mermaid tail lines updont worry if the ends of your braids (the hair that is sticking out underneath the elastic) are uneven, it wont matter. Its more important to line up the braid correctly, so the center of the tail matches.

8. Pin the center of the two braided sections together. I tend to use mini bobby pins since they are easier to hide, and I like to pin them in and up (you start with the pin facing horizontally, then as you push it into the hair, you direct it vertically). Use as many bobby pins as it takes, until you feel the braid is secure. I used about five little pins, and pinned about 1 1/2 inches apart, wherever I could best hide them.

(Optional step: You can remove the two separate rubber bands at the end, and just use one to combine the two tails together. I didnt do this because I used smaller rubber bands to begin with.)
Thats it! says Caroline, Such an easy fun way to wear something other than a plain ol braid! Would be great to wear this braid all summer, dont you think? 🙂 (And here are our eight previous hair tutorials, if youd like more summer hair ideas.) Thank you again, Caroline and Jamie!

(Photos by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. In the outdoor photos, Caroline is wearing this chambray top. Her jewelry is from her own line, Brvtvs, and her lipstick is So Chaud by MAC. In the how-to photos, she is wearing a vintage striped teesimilar one hereand vintage jeanssimilar ones here.)