How To Color Your Hair, Naturally, Without Chemical? Is That Possible?

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Numerous women use special hair color for dyeing their hair. If you are afraid to change your hair color, we suggest turning to natural methods of dyeing. We will present some ways to dye your hair naturally using herbs, which only have positive effects on your health.

How To Color Your Hair, Naturally, Without Chemical Is That Possible

Green peel walnut – for brown hair

Take about fifteen to twenty walnuts and peel them. Then, cut the green peel into pieces and grind them. When you have ground them, add hot water and mix well using a tablespoon until the mixture becomes homogenous. This is your hair color you will need to use for dyeing your hair. Using a brush for hair coloring, apply the mixture on your hair. Wait for about fifteen to twenty minutes for it to work on your hair color and then wash your hair. It is recommended that you use vinegar in the end for rinsing, which is beneficial for fixing the color.

Onion peel and bark of an oak – for light brown hair

For achieving this hair color, you will need half a cup of onion peels and sliced bark of an oak. You need to mix these two ingredients and pour a liter of boiled water over them. Cook the mixture for nearly an hour. After it is cooled down, after an hour approximately, wet your hair with it and let it stay around forty-five minutes. Then, wash your hair in the regular way and rinse it with some vinegar.

Chamomile – for golden blonde hair

You will need 100 grams of dried chamomile flowers and half a liter of water. Put these ingredients in a pot and cook them. After cooking, strain the mixture and soak your hair into the liquid you got. Then wash your hair and rinse it using vinegar, of course. Dry it and enjoy the results.

Beet- for red hair

Use beet of medium size, which you will have to cut into pieces and boil. After it is boiled, let it cool and then blend a few slices of beet into the boiled water. The resulting mixture is the color you are going to use for dyeing your hair. Apply the color on your hair and let it stay for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After this time, rinse your hair with vinegar and dry it.

If your hair is light-colored, you will get great results after the first coloring. If it is darker, you will need to repeat the whole procedure several times.

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