How to Bake this Psychedelically Colorful Surprise-in-the-Middle Cake

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How to Bake this Psychedelically Colorful Surprise-in-the-Middle Cake...I saw a fantastically funky cake similar to this just the other day and I was totally blown away by its sheer awesomeness. Trying to figure out how the hell she got that colorful heart in the middle was not something I could do on my own, and because of that, I am eternally grateful for this magnificent lifeline we call the internet. It didnt take much surfing time to find this video and now Im all giddy with excitement since Ill finally be able to make this and confuse and amaze others just like that first confused and amazed me.

It may seem like a mess at first and quite a bit of work, but you cant expect to make something this fabulous with minimal effort; and I quite enjoy getting messy in the kitchen! Sure its a bit of a process, but I know itll be worth it when I get to feel all smug and popular after everyone oohs and ahhs over my magnificent creation.

Youll need:

  • 5 packets vanilla cake mix and required ingredients (egg, milk, butter)
    If you have your own standard cake recipe from scratch you can use that instead of the cake mixture, but this way just makes the whole process a lot quicker and easier.
  • 5 different food colorings (reasonably dark)
  • 5 sandwich bags
  • Cookie cutter (whichever shape you have/want)
  • Regular frosting
  • Fondant frosting

Recipe by How To Cook That Youtuber