Classic Italian Salad

Alright, Im 1 week into Whole30 and have been craving all sorts of things all week. But I keep telling myself that its all worth it and already cant believe how much better my body feels! Thats my motivation!

Fortunately I made this recipe prior to starting Whole30, so I was able to enjoy all of the goodness! Todays post features a recipe that I crafted for the Living Litehouse blog along with my favorite tomatoes and some tasty crunchy things on top!

I must tell you a story about this, however, so that you understand the hardships of being a food blogger. No, really. So I was home from work for lunch one day and was working on the photos for this post. Sometimes you have to improvise and fake things in photos to make them look perfectly delicious! The dressing lid in these photos had a few scratches and scrapes on it so I turned the lid slightly to get those out of the photo. Moving onto a pour shot, I totally forgot that I did this and went to shake the bottle to mix the dressing. Dressing. Was. Everywhere. Including in my eye, my hair, all over my shirt, the floor…you get the point. I just hope you realize the sacrifices that I make to bring you beautiful food photos!

Jokes aside, this Classic Italian Salad makes a perfect side dish or main dish. Head on over to the Living Litehouse blog for the recipe!

Classic Italian Salad


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