Bacon And Egg Breakfast Pizza (Video Tutorial)

My family and I went to Australia on vacation this past year and it was wonderful. One of my best friends moved to the other side of the world and was getting married; we couldnt miss it! I hope you get the chance/have an excuse to go someday! Everything was different and wonderful. Food included. We tried a bunch of new things but never this Aussie Pizza.

Pizza; love. Breakfast; love. Breakfast pizza; whats not to love? Thanks One Pot Chef for the tasty treat! Ill happily make this now that I have the recipe. Yum! The fact that this uses homemade dough makes me really happy! Its such an easy recipe. Then its like pouring an omelette on top of it. How wonderful.

Do you have a favorite bacon and egg breakfast dish? Why not comment and tell me about it! One of my all time favorites is a melty gooey bacon-y breakfast casserole.

Heres the video and delicious recipe… Enjoy!