10 Awesome Foods To Help You Sleep Better


Insomnia sucks. It always seems to happen when there’s something important to do the next day. And not sleeping well is a big problem for a lot of people on a regular basis. We’ve all suffered with it. But who wants to take pills all the time? Isn’t there some other way?

Fortunately there is something natural that may be the answer to your sleeping woes. Mai at IdeaDigezt.com posted this helpful selection of sleep-inducing foods. There’s a list of ten delicious things you can snack on before bed so you can get some shut-eye. (Maybe there was a good reason why Dad raided the cheese larder at bedtime every night…;) Instead of just counting sheep you now have an excuse to crunch something tasty. Don’t go to bed hungry–see what foods will help you slumber when you click the link below.